Tag: heavy cruiser


  • Zala-class heavy cruiser

    The Zala-class heavy cruiser is the main heavy cruiser used by the fleets of [[ZAFT]], serving as the workhorse of their fleets. They are equipped with mega-particle weapons rather than phasers, but they are equipped with photon torpedo launchers. They …

  • Constitution-class heavy cruiser

    The Constitution-class starships were the workhorses of [[Starfleet]] in the mid-to-late [[23rd Century]]. Now the original configuration is no longer in service, with the [[Enterprise-type]], introduced in the 2270s being relegated to secondary roles.

  • Peacemaker-class escort

    The Peacemaker-class is the workhorse of the [[Interstellar Consortium]]. It is considered an [[escort]], however it can handle a variety of roles, similar to the heavy cruisers of other factions and it is similar in size to modern heavy cruisers as well. …